Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 Fingers and it's Ideology

The world is based on these 5 simple statements

  • nobody knows what to do, without being told.
  • doing what you're not being told and doing it wrong
  • Getting all petty when you're being told what to do.
  • doing what you're not being told and doing it right
  • doing without needing anyone to know.

And this will lead to.... misunderstanding, miscommunications... Which will lead to.. the higher end of the scale, towards war, hate....etc.

These 5 statement, forms the simple ideology of Predator and Prey, Hunter and The Hunted, Master and Slave.

The small guy and the big guy, Winners or losers..

The 5 statements were placed in order of the fingers on our hands starting from the pinky.

Let's start with the thumb.

Doing without needing anyone to know.
The thumb is placed on its own, even has it's own name.. "thumb'. The hermit. It does what it does, without needing anyone to know about it. It works best with anybody.. without knowing what it is made to do. It is just there to compliment.. And a good compliment it does.

Doing what you're not being told and doing it right
The index finger... The first to points.... The first in any situation... Without being told it is always at the front lines. Be it tapping, clicking, pointing.... It always in.. the sense of right... no matter what it does..

Getting all petty when you're being told what to do.
The middle finger... The tallest... Being the tallest... it has a certain pride to it... It hates being told what to do.. Always the first to voice out in a vulgar manner due to its pettyness...

Doing what you're not being told and doing it wrong
The ring finger..... Why isit doing it all wrong? Ever tried pointing with the ring finger? All the other fingers takes cover... Rushing in to cover up the catastrophe the ring finger caused... just by pointing...

Nobody knows what to do, without being told.
The pinky..... It only knows what to do.. when being told... it knows when to point.. when it is being told to do so...
When all the other fingers are in place... That's where it get's its signal...

Group them up... And you'll notice...
The one that's always right (index), can never go with the one that's always wrong(ring)

The one that's always petty(middle), could never follow the one that's waiting for orders(pinky) Neither does the one that's always right (index)

Middle, Ring, Pinky, always go together... Since they have an aura of pessimist with them.... If u add in the index.. it becomes a group... quite well mixed...

The thumb, goes almost anywhere... it even fits in the role of peacemaker.... solving every awkward situation the others might have.

Why is the world based on these 5 statements?

Look around....everyone fits in a nice category somewhere within the 5....

This is just to simplify things.... from a perspective...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dental Care For Your Child

Dental care for your child starts as soon as the first tooth appears.
A small child doesn't understand the importance of dental health.
You can help your children in understanding the importance of carrying out healthy habits.

Start by following these simple guidelines.
  1. Brushing their teeth twice a day,
  2. Teaching them proper methods of brushing.
  3. Giving your child sugar free snacks and drinks.
  4. Teaching them good eating habits to get the proper nutrients.
  5. Taking your child on a regular dental check up.
Make dental care enjoyable for them, after all they are only children.
Get them their favorite cartoon characters dental products, these products should be readily available in your nearest convenience store.
These days in a fast moving life where everyone is so busy. It's good to at least take the time to accompany your child and guide them along with their dental care.

It is extremely important that you understand the basics of children’s dental and oral care.
At this age of dental care you are laying out the fundamentals for a strong dental care for their future.

It is important that the children’s brush their teeth twice daily. Help brush your child's teeth till they are big enough to do so. Brush your child’s teeth the right way. Select a small and a soft brush and as little tooth paste as possible as it will not interfere in your brushing and it will not form much foam also.

Developing good dental habits is important at an early age but it is equally important to break the bad habits.
Going to bed with a bottle is extremely bad practice, drinking fluid with sugar in it.
Sugar substances react on the teeth throughout the whole night and these can cause the tooth decay at a young age.

Check out Dental in Singapore for more information

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just felt like blogging this.. To be kept in mind for all times.

( To all ..... frens with the sad status)
Hey.... u've loved ... been in love for that moment.... been there done that right?

save the rest for the memories... don't let it drag u down....

...What's over is over, save it in your heart. Don't let it take over ur mind...

Focus ahead.... what's the past will be a memory.. no more.. no less...

*This was posted on my wall at Facebook.*

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uncharted Waters Online


There's a new game in town.. hmmm not really new.. it is 5 years old.. just that it recently went global..

Can u believe how stingy these game distributors are... 5 years later then they let the world play the game =( kinda sad..


Uncharted Waters Online!

Dude Where's My ship... Sure I parked it here....
For those familiar with the NES or SNES version! Yes it's the same developer! KOEI!!

One of my favorites, with games like romance of 3 kingdoms and such.

Oh oh also Uncharted Water 2, the PC Version New Horizons!

Ring any bell? Guess I'm old -.- those were really great games in that day... you know.. that days~ Those were the days~~ like freaking years ago... okay I am old...

Anyways! x 2

This Uncharted Water Online from the name! Yes you've guessed it smarty pants! It's a MMO!
Means now! You don't have to play alone!

So..... here's a description...

You basically.... Sail across the world~ (simple enough?)

haha ok.. so you sail the blue sea / red sea / black sea/ ok I sucks with Geography SI?

There sea battles to be fought, and Land battles! Yes you heard me no wrong! I mean heard me wrong no.... I think you heard no wrong me.... watever.

Land battles! Fight against bandits and such~ Making discoveries! Be the first to discover the Pyramids!!!( Well you won't be the first *Wink*)

Trading.. I know lots of us just love seeing the KA-Ching!!!
And with trading of course comes crafting.... well I would call it crafting.. but there's cooking, sewing.. blah blah blah too long a list to list.... And I don't do that either... hahaha

I'm more of the Pirato~

Different Nation, Different Professions,

Oh speaking bout professions, you could simply mix and match your classes / skills..

Means you could be a mean pirate, and hiding in 1 corner sewing a blankie for your cold nights out at the seven seas....'

Or you could be the Steven Segal "Hey Don't Mess With The Chef" Rendition.

Or ..... well.. Lots of options going on there since you could mix and match!

Anyways x3 !!

Remember to check it out!

I really recommend this game only to those... Whose willing to cruise... You get what I mean? Cause most of the time, your staring at the blue screen... roughly 60 - 70% of the time. and not the blue screen of death...

It's the sea~ The Ocean~ The~~ Swimming pool?

Nice graphics and all even though this game is 5 years old... Hmmm.. this P.S kinda turning out into another post... k k i'll end it here.


Just some disclaimer... If you join using the links on this blog! You became my..... kinda my recommendation. You'll get some cash shop items. and I'll get some. So...... hmmmm is that necessary to tell you? (YESH! Just in case you think I'm working for them.. Lol)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

When We Were Young?

K, there's this... thought, that runs through teens, or maybe younger..... and as they age, the thought slowly evolves......

Any clues?

K... so it goes like this... "When you're young all you want is to grow up faster. And when you're old, all you ever wanted was to be young again."

..... so.. another of those WTF am I thinking moments! (woo feels great.... been so long since I've truly express that moment..)

hmmm... maybe.. All we wanted was to grow up, and not to grow old.... so.. that sentence kinda... hmm.... kill it on its own... so you kinda can't use it on one of your "elderly" frens no more....if they say they wanna be young or stay young huh? Cause.. they wanna grow up, not old...

Well... believe it or not... I never wanted to grow up... since I was ... I believe when I was in the Single digit age group... hahaha..

Clubbings? RA Movies? Casinos? hmm.. what else are the above 18 or 21..? ohh ya... driving?

Wasn't a teeny bit interested in those... maybe only smoking... but.. at my age.. smoking wasn't ban for kids.... -.-

Maybe I'm just an oddball...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wtf is this...

YOsh! !

Haven't done this for a while... hmmm last post Sept 15... damn.. im just such a sucky lazy blogger.

Let's just cut this short..... (NO!!!! I wanna write longer!!!! ((inner voice)) )

-2mins gone by-

What was I gonna type......?


Anyone checked out the last manga that I recommended? Damn good, here's the link

Ok anyways!!!!!!

I'm just gonna bullet my way through here.... So.... read as fast as you can!! Cause..... This post ain't going anywhere!!... hmm... k that doesn't make any sense.

Been busy for the past... 1 month, offline and online.

My First attempt at an online business / marketing; The Cheap Travel Deal
It's a traveling directory. Where you could Compare Airline Prices and Hotels accommodations.
Do support hor! =x

And here's the Facebook fanpage Please like it~ =x

K enough bout the serious stuff.. (I wonder which part is serious though..)

hmmm... blog blog blog..... what am I suppose to write again.....

omg... got distracted for a whole 1 hr watching Naruto -.-

I get distracted way toooooo easily....

Anyone have any idea on how to improve my sense of focus? Care to share?

And here's! Another one of those!!! Long post gone short -.-

Ciaos~ Chat later.. or blog later.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Noblesse - Manga / Manhwa Review

Haven't done a manga review for quite some time.....

And why I felt like doing it now?

Hmmm.. Onemanga was down.. so kinda no idea where to go to read manga... but.... but..

There are loads of manga websites out there..... k enuff with the introduction~~

This manga, is a Korean base manga...  Do I call it Korean based? or Korean drawn?

ok.. It's about.... Vampires.. well nearly there... about vampires...

It started out as comedic... truly humorous...

K.... my introduction sucks...


1 day this guy woke up after sleeping for 820 years. With no knowledge of technology and whatever science that we are having now..

So he just followed a bunch of kids to school, only to find out that the principal of that school was once a servant of his.

The comedic part was, him trying to get use to this new generation mumbo jumbo.. even down to opening door locks....

But as the story goes along, be prepared for great actions where an organization is creating mutants of sorts.. .. . .



Ya, ladies, if u love hunky dory cute looking guys~ this manga is also for you..

Oh btw, BY THE WAY.....

the concept of this manga is slightly different...

Be prepared for FULL COLORS on EVERY PAGE

and.................. scroll down.... lots of scrolling down.. I think they call this a web comic or something..

So remember to scroll down to RIGHT at the BOTTOM of every page. or else you might miss something.

Link here


Friday, September 10, 2010

Link Exchange - Are You Interested?

Hey hey smexy people!!

I'm looking for link exchanges~ Do drop me a comment, and I'll get back to u!

Could be on anything~

Just drop a comment here k k !! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

David Blaine Gonna Freak You Out With This Trick... YES It's GONNA BE YOU

I'm amazed by this magic trick done by David Blaine....

Here's the video, that great trick is on the first part of the video..

But of course.. it only works once...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Just Love This Picture

I just love this picture no idea how to describe it though...

Even my wall paper is this picture... without the words though.. but lots of application or folders all over haha..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Starcraft 2: Terran Vs Protoss Match up

Starcraft 2: Terran Vs Protoss Match up, Lots of nuke and defensive nukes going on.

Great match between Nazgul & The Little One

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Starcraft 2 Strategy Guides Review

Nearly a few weeks after Starcraft 2 Launch.

I can't help but notice the number of guides out there.

Well since I'm curious bout the game.... and quite a big fan of starcraft.... and... guess I'll do a short Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide review.

Joana's Starcraft 2 Guide

Familiar? Yup you might remember the name Joana from her best selling World of Warcraft Guide.
I must say, babes in the gaming world are sure getting more and more common... BUT gaming babe writing a guide! is 1 hella totally different world all together... Why I said that?

Cause females, all is about details and details and details.
Quite amazed she moved from World of Warcraft to Starcraft but I ain't that surprised yet. Cause since both of the games are from Blizzard.

Let's cut this short and let's dive straight into her guide.

  • Her guide consists of strategies for 1 v 1, 2 v 2 , 3 v 3, 4 v 4 and FFA
  • In-depth strategies for the Protoss, Zerg, and Terrans, and how to become successful with any race.
  •  Video commentaries from Joana for the various build orders and strategies in Starcraft 2.
  • In-depth strategies for every build order and how to counter every build order.
And there's more but this is a review -.-

What I would say is... Joana is reputable for her guide in World of Warcraft.. I mean it IS a best seller and she's a babe. If only there's a picture of her somewhere... hahaha

The Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide
Now this ain't a hot babe but this Guide is HOT.

What I like bout this guide is.

  • You can watch videos and replays of Starcraft 2 explaining strategies and breaking down the replays teaching you the strategies used to achieve victory.
  • Map Editor Guides (Why I love this? Cause I'm a noob at it..... but I love to create my own imaginary terrain.. Imagine putting yourself at a full terrain advantage!!) 
There's lots of positive reviews for this guide. Personally I would say yesh, this guide would truly boost your confidence in gameplay. And would most likely boost you up in your rankings... unless of course you're a total noob.. hehehe

Anyways.... arr... friends calling for another game.
Will update more on reviews in a day or two... Seriously I'm amazed with the number of guides out there.

But these 2,  I would really recommend.

The Hot Babe Joana's Starcraft 2 Guide

 The Hot Guide The Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide

To end this, here's a vid from Shokz Mastery Guide

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reminder For Friendshipday.

Just a small reminder for friendshipday

Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Awaited Starcraft II

The Long awaited! ...
Why was it long awaited?

The development was delayed time after time.....

Got the hype all working!!!!

The release was delayed time after time....

More hype working!!!

AND AND! It's out! Finally! well.... it was out on the 27th of July

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Time to do that Zerg rush and get 1.

Confessions of the blog

1 am in the morning~ woo hoo....

been ages since I've felt this way..... ya........ this "way"

haha kinda ......... kinda... i have no idea what's this called.

Everything's done, everything is waiting in queue, just waiting now.... a month or two.... so...........
currently, there's nothing to do.. LOL...

so, it's currently 1 am... Just to keep myself busy, so... I just thought of making a personal blog post.... oh btw, it's ONE am, not I am.. for those who might be blurry reading it now... haha even I myself thought I typed in "I AM" and not "1 AM"

so... ...

give me a minute.. kinda looking for my lighter now...

ah.... so you guys been to my 2 new blogs?

1 is about the music, you know ... from the 60s to now... any music or songs i find interesting I'll be posting it there...

Here's the link What Are U Listening 2

The next would be ... hmmm... how should I put this..

It's about music too. But this is more of a "cover music"
Why cover music you might ask?

I dunno... sometimes... cover musics sounds good... and sometimes they seem funny... I mean not funny in a bad way, but.... well it's all part of entertainment right?

Here's the link, Cover Hits

Hmm.. haven't really "write" for quite sometime..... most of the time, just writing articles, reading and stuffs...

So what have I been up to? Till the point that I have to be waiting... and end up sleepless....
hmmm.. that's a surprise.. hahaha most likely I'll unwrap that surprise in September, or maybe October....
No idea there... hope everything goes smoothly....

For some of you out there, you might know what I've been up to....  Ya.. some called it stupid, some called it risky.... but whatever, it's my choice anyways.. hahaha.

Did a page rank check on and WOW, PR2 on Google....  quite an accomplishment for someone who's just typing gibberish in his blog...

Now... the question that's always been in my mind...since the..... when was it.. hmm.. the first time I started out this blog? 4 years back? 3 years back? maybe 4.....2006? or was it 2007?

Wow... sure is a long time... I deleted it once... so kinda hard to trace it back... hmmm my bad..  I think it was just 2008.... so it's been roughly 2 years plus plus....

But.. time sure do fly.... 2 years... kind felt like 5.. hahahaha

Well..... this blog been up, been down.... I am a moody person, so I guess this blog has the characteristics of me.... well I am the writer -.-

Hmmm back to the question... that's always been in my mind.... WTF am I thinking? I mean... where is this blog heading... any directions? hmm.. that's the questing I guess my "imaginary fans" might start asking...

Am I gonna do emo poems? emo articles? comedy strip? The beanie head comedy? or put up deaf tone songs made by me up in this blog?...

Seriously..... my fans... my imaginary fans...... I have no idea... haahaha

Been fun writing blogs.. I mean... receiving comments and such.... even though some just passes by to say hi or sorts... but.. it's still fun...

Kinda awkward... when you know you have no idea what you're writing... and people are reading it..... hahahaha

But readers are readers! I thank you all for the support... So....

So... What's this blogpost about? once again.... my favorite phrase... "I have no idea"

So... <--- again...

I'm so... <--- so again...

hmm... I'm thinking..... about how to end this blogpost.. maybe with a poem.. maybe with a phrase... maybe with a song.... give me a few minutes here.....

(Well... you don't really read as I write.... I have no idea why I love doing that.. asking people to wait.. when I know they'll only be reading this after I've typed it all.. I guess it's just a habit)

Here's the phrase.

If all we did, was to wait for the moment in time.... Soon we'll notice, we've run out of time. 



Cheers. =)

This message, have been approved by a sleepless nut called Amenwolf.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WTF Moments

Here's something quite old, but i've only came across it recently...

Truly it's the biggest WTF moments.. but do have to salute his courage to carry on with the magic trick.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Good & Bad News Of Today

Been Busy on a new blog, 

All about music, cause I listen to a variety of music....
My "Favorite list" on youtube getting full.
And those that I posted on facebook, kept going missing after a week. (I update lots on my status lol)

The blog would be a place where I could "bookmark" and share on what I'm listening to.
Be prepared to go from the 60s to now.

Lot's of mix and match.

Even came up with a slogan for it, called.
"Place where not to let the young lost touch and the old to get in touch."
Kinda cool huh? Lol

Here's the link again

Hope to get your support! 
hmm.. is a PR2 on google, kinda amazed... Well not quite.
It's been up for years now.. hahaha

Well well..... no worries, there's still a whole lot of WTF going on in my mind.
Just...... wanna slide down for a bit, chillax for a while~
Get some music running in the head..

Just received a sad news....
My one only place of haven......... onemanga
is going to be down in a weeks time....
"Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it." 

That's what I saw, when I was browsing there today....
It's going to be their last week, letting readers finish up on what they're reading..

Sad... truly sad...
Though I'm mainly a "leecher" there, 
haha with no contribution...

Truly, really, honestly, specially. Must say my thanks to the contributors there..

The mangas truly made my day, especially on these rainy seasons....



The good, and the bad news of today........

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Only Question I Have If I'm Stuck In a Desert

I have a question....

Let's just say.... we're out in the desert...

Freaking out in the open.. with just sand all over you..

And suddenly.... you have the urge.....

out in this open sand... you have the urge to shit....

Where do we go again?

Now, I know how we do it in the jungle,
I mean with trees and bushes... that's never a shortage for cover... If you get what I mean..

But to be out in the open... with only sand...

Here's another what if...
What if, you ran out of water.... or water is really in the "Please do not misuse" situation..

And there's no toilet paper....

I mean.. if it's in the jungle.. there will be leaves or sorts.. you know, for substitution...
But the desert....????

Any comments are appreciated, (be creative) LOL.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Predators, (Not The Review)

Now this ain't a review or what shit.. Cause I've never even seen this movie except for its trailers.. So ... Ya... This ain't a review or what shit...

What I wanna talk about the Gonna be Shown Soon "PREDATORS"! is this......

I believe most of us know of the story about the "boy who cried wolf,"

For those who don't, it's simply a story about a boy who was taking care of a bunch of sheep, and came running back to town shouting and screaming wolf wolf. The sheep belongs to the townsfolk, so they got worried, and came rushing out with pitchforks and stuffs to kill the wolves and protect their herd of sheep.

But~ There was no wolf..... And the boy did this for a couple of times... and the townsfolk did the whole routine a couple of times... Till...

TILL! 1 day wolves did appeared, and the boy cried wolf... and everybody totally ignores him..

So.... What does "Predators" this new movie have anything to do with the story above I've just mention?

Some of you might be rolling your eyes now, knowing where this is leading to...

For the rest who caught no balls.....

This time round.....

It's the wolves howling "BOY!!!!"

and the pack of wolves would rush out.......... and that's the end of the "boy" (just cutting this short and leaving out the gross details)

Well anyways! I have never watched this movie, so I have no idea what happened to those bunch of humans at the end...

Oh..... you still don't get what I'm saying?

Rewind slightly back... Predator 1... was it predator 1..
Remember predator being stealthy and all? And not much believe in it.. TILL, it got all crazy and start going mayhem all over....

... ah? ah? ah?
Get the picture there? Why I find this story kinda........ ........

Ya.... ANYWAYS once more... I have never watched this movie, so I have no idea what happened? Or how good the movie is......

So.. THIS AIN'T A REVIEW!!! So don't come back here and telling me... "HEY YOUR STORY AIN'T RELATED"

Anybody with a spare tickets hanging out there somewhere? Don't mind emailing me, and asking me along LOL hahaha

To end it all! Here's the trailer

K k ciaos, and cheers

P.S ... Seriously I wonder what are the chances of people having "spare" tickets for a movie..... hmmmmm

Thursday, July 1, 2010

All About Hair... (Are You Hairy?)

It's been a while since I've opened up my closet.... No idea.. maybe a month.. maybe 2 months...
Ya ya ya stop screaming!! I did a change of clothes, but most of my washed clothes were outside the closet.. LOl, wash and Re-wear..

Lucky me haven't been meeting people much nowadays.. If not they'll start asking me why am I wearing the same thing over and over again.

Not that I'm a good dresser. I'm just a lazy one...

So, was going to school. Had to opened up my closet and stare myself in the mirror... A full life size mirror..
Then I noticed... I don't have a comb.... crap... 2 months without touching the closet.... Now then I realize I don't have a comb... really wonder how have I left the house for the past 2 months..... Guess bird nest head really suits me...

So I ended up grabbing my beanie, put it on, and rushed out..

Speaking of beanie.... Received lots of comments for it... Be the asker the Taxi driver, or someone close....

Still remember the taxi driver asked me if I was bald, or cold... Why am I wearing a beanie? -.-
Couldn't care less to reply him.. just smiled....

Anyways the beanie ain't a fashion statement... It just makes me feel comfortable... Less hair flying around.. LOL.

Talking bout hair... reminds me of a conversation with a friend not too long ago...

We were discussing bout our favorite cars...

Well I told him mine was any convertibles... Straight right off the bat... He shot me with stopping at traffic lights, bird droppings on the head... He was truly implying he's a true  blue anti convertible kind of guy...

Well, then I told him.... Convertible is cool, riding against the wind... The wind blowing against your.......
I stopped there...

Cause I didn't want the conversation to go sour.... Ya.. he is bald....

So.... Hope he.. reads this.. I mean he don't read this... If he does.. He's surely gonna start spamming me.. somewhere.. LOL..

K k ciaos... feeling feverish now... hectic week.. Sorry for not posting much nowadays..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stupid Things I've Done This Morning At Starbucks.

Awkward situation you just never notice, have you done that? Maybe till someone points it out, then you've noticed it. Who knows.

Well went out really early this morning. Blah blah blah, let's just cut to the point.

Went to have breakfast at Starbucks with a friend.
There we were ordering our drinks, discussing bout the sizes...... Tall, Grande, and forgot what's the largest size....

So I was staring.... really staring at their drinks menu...........
And I asked the waitress serving us..... "Which is the drink that has the most whip cream. I love whip cream, could call it a whip cream fetish."

Well, that's a awkward situation number 1, I noticed that, when she started giggling. Seriously no idea what's going on in her mind...... or maybe I do.... well... maybe it's just the way I've put it....

Okay, end of  part one, we went to sit, they told us they would bring the drink to us.......

Here comes Miss waitress again........ with our drinks............

And I think I've did the most........ I have no idea what would you call it... The most openly offensive action ever  I guess.......

For a moment there.... I forgot... .That Fucking thing...... is called a ....  STRAW..... Don't ask me how could I ever forget something that is so commonly used.......

So in my mind... this picture was playing.... opening the wrapper... (Straws from starbuck comes in wrappers)

And this is what I did.....

I did the...... Universal Hand Sign of Wanking................... And I asked....
"Where's that thing...........?..... Ya straw!" (The word straw came somewhere after 5 seconds
 after.... And I was simply keeping on doing that UNIVERSAL HAND SIGN OF WANKING)

Well, she showed me the counter for the straws, and she left our table...
Upon leaving.. My friend was like... "WTF ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?!?!?!"

I was like "huh?"

"Did you saw what you just did? And how she looked like when you did that?"

I was still like "Huh?"

Till my friend showed me what I was doing with my hands..........

Ah.... seriously... In my mind I was only thinking of a straw in wrappers.... -.- and unwrapping it....... Didn't even notice how the waitress react......

Well.... that's 1 hell of a horny Saturday for me... Am so gonna avoid Starbucks for a while now...

Coffee  Turns me on I guess..  hahahahha

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Secrets In Keeping a Relationship Together

I'm a jerk... Seriously Jerk.

I'm not the most qualified person to give this piece of advice. But anyways.

I was out with a girl yesterday, we're talking bout relationships and stuff.
Boy and girl thingy. Whats the need, what are the wants, how to fuel the relationship to keep it moving forward.

And she told me about her life philosophy which truly gave me great insights on the meaning behind keeping a relationships together.

Where did we do it wrong?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Battle Of The Immortals (Videos Review)

Introductory Code!

Download Link! This Is Their Homepage

Pet System/ Soul Gear/ Mount

Great Reviews

Great Dungeon Contents

Introductory Code!

Download Link! This Is Their Homepage

For those looking for me, I'm at Atlantis Server.
For those not looking for me, Yesh I'm at Atlantis Server.

Blame It On Your Blood Type (How Do We Gossip?)

Hahaha you gossipers!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Battle Of The Immortals (Review)

First thing first! Introductory Code!

The Introductory Code is a code for you to fill in, while registering to get freebies....
Next Is The Download Link! This Is Their Homepage

As you can see, it's from the company that gave you Perfect World. The game that was in the top 10 list for the year......... 2009, with 50million players world wide.

Here's a basic look through list.

  • Real Time Control. (No waiting, no round turn. Seriously I have no idea why mmorpg have to go with round turn combat system...)
  • Pet System. (We love pokemon! We love digimon!. And in the battle of the immortals... You could tame dragons 3 times the size of you or cool looking horoscope pets. Yes you didn't read me wrong there. Horoscope pets!)
  • NPC Cash vendor. (Now 1 thing we all hate bout free mmorpg is that we have to spend real money to enjoy the game... Right? But no worries, with this game, there's a vendor who allows player to sell their 'cash' and allows you to buy it with ingame money! So don't worry bout illegal trade or getting ban. There's an NPC doing it for you legally!)
  • Auto Route Questing. (Sometimes we hate doing quest don't we? Where to go? Where to hand in? Wtf Should I kill? No worries~ for this game, there's auto routing. Click on the "name links" on your quest bar, and it will automatically bring you to wherever you wanna go!)
  • Lots of Quest. (Now for some ... I mean for most... Gamers hate grinding! Grinding is shit! Waste of time blah blah blah!.... This game has lots of quest.. And I really mean lots!)
  • Lots of Events. (Love events? This game has daily events, weekly events, Kill dragons! Raid a Jail! PvP! PvE! Kill...... I'm having troubles describing this... Cause it's just TOOOO MANY EVENTS!)
  • Crafting System. (Love crafting? Love looking for resource? There's mining here, herbalism, crystal mining, and....... cloth related harvesting! Make your own fashion statement by crafting your own dress! Make potions that transform you intro dragons or golems!)

Seriously the list goes on! But.. It kinda looks messy now, so I better stop that list.

Controls of this game! You could either go W.A.S.D, or using your mouse to click and run.
Cool animations. Running through town, you will come to face lots of other players with unique pets! Green dragons, Red dragons, Blue dragons, 3 headed dragons!

Mount. Now who could never want a mount? At level 30, you could start riding your first mount! Horses, ostriches, wolves, dragons,( Yes you could ride a dragon!) Bikes, Big looking wheelie thingy!(I have no idea what this is.. .But it looks cool)

There's Pvp battle grounds, guild questing, instances, dungeons.... Okay enuff said.. Let's show you some pictures.

Technology research! Do research on what you wanna craft or how you wanna craft.

The list of events! As you can see there's lots of it!

eh... there's a whole lot more ... but I just can't provide the pictures.. my bad....... Cause I haven't really explore them all... And I don't have a pokedex with me......

There's a marriage system for those kinky players. (personally I hate this system, don't ask why. hahahahaha .... hahahahaha )

ok! Will update more.

out of ..... 10.. I would give this game a 8.75!!

Why such a Low score you say?!?!?!

Cause I'm playing alone =( Waiting for peeps to join me!!!!!

Don't forget
Introductory Code!

Download Link! This Is Their Homepage

Leave a comment below! If you have any Questions!


The dragons. Mine is the small green one >.< immanoob

 P.s P.S
For those looking for me, I'm at Atlantis Server.
For those not looking for me, Yesh I'm at Atlantis Server.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blame It On Your Blood Type (What Do We Live For?)


So........... What do you live for?

Don't forget to comment!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blame It On Your Blood Type (If Your Inner Heart Were Houses... Which house are you?)


Hmmm... so which house are you? Not the 3 little pigs kind huh?

Do post comment!!! We do need to know what kind of.............. houses we gonna break into >.<