Saturday, June 12, 2010

Battle Of The Immortals (Review)

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As you can see, it's from the company that gave you Perfect World. The game that was in the top 10 list for the year......... 2009, with 50million players world wide.

Here's a basic look through list.

  • Real Time Control. (No waiting, no round turn. Seriously I have no idea why mmorpg have to go with round turn combat system...)
  • Pet System. (We love pokemon! We love digimon!. And in the battle of the immortals... You could tame dragons 3 times the size of you or cool looking horoscope pets. Yes you didn't read me wrong there. Horoscope pets!)
  • NPC Cash vendor. (Now 1 thing we all hate bout free mmorpg is that we have to spend real money to enjoy the game... Right? But no worries, with this game, there's a vendor who allows player to sell their 'cash' and allows you to buy it with ingame money! So don't worry bout illegal trade or getting ban. There's an NPC doing it for you legally!)
  • Auto Route Questing. (Sometimes we hate doing quest don't we? Where to go? Where to hand in? Wtf Should I kill? No worries~ for this game, there's auto routing. Click on the "name links" on your quest bar, and it will automatically bring you to wherever you wanna go!)
  • Lots of Quest. (Now for some ... I mean for most... Gamers hate grinding! Grinding is shit! Waste of time blah blah blah!.... This game has lots of quest.. And I really mean lots!)
  • Lots of Events. (Love events? This game has daily events, weekly events, Kill dragons! Raid a Jail! PvP! PvE! Kill...... I'm having troubles describing this... Cause it's just TOOOO MANY EVENTS!)
  • Crafting System. (Love crafting? Love looking for resource? There's mining here, herbalism, crystal mining, and....... cloth related harvesting! Make your own fashion statement by crafting your own dress! Make potions that transform you intro dragons or golems!)

Seriously the list goes on! But.. It kinda looks messy now, so I better stop that list.

Controls of this game! You could either go W.A.S.D, or using your mouse to click and run.
Cool animations. Running through town, you will come to face lots of other players with unique pets! Green dragons, Red dragons, Blue dragons, 3 headed dragons!

Mount. Now who could never want a mount? At level 30, you could start riding your first mount! Horses, ostriches, wolves, dragons,( Yes you could ride a dragon!) Bikes, Big looking wheelie thingy!(I have no idea what this is.. .But it looks cool)

There's Pvp battle grounds, guild questing, instances, dungeons.... Okay enuff said.. Let's show you some pictures.

Technology research! Do research on what you wanna craft or how you wanna craft.

The list of events! As you can see there's lots of it!

eh... there's a whole lot more ... but I just can't provide the pictures.. my bad....... Cause I haven't really explore them all... And I don't have a pokedex with me......

There's a marriage system for those kinky players. (personally I hate this system, don't ask why. hahahahaha .... hahahahaha )

ok! Will update more.

out of ..... 10.. I would give this game a 8.75!!

Why such a Low score you say?!?!?!

Cause I'm playing alone =( Waiting for peeps to join me!!!!!

Don't forget
Introductory Code!

Download Link! This Is Their Homepage

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The dragons. Mine is the small green one >.< immanoob

 P.s P.S
For those looking for me, I'm at Atlantis Server.
For those not looking for me, Yesh I'm at Atlantis Server.

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