Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uncharted Waters Online


There's a new game in town.. hmmm not really new.. it is 5 years old.. just that it recently went global..

Can u believe how stingy these game distributors are... 5 years later then they let the world play the game =( kinda sad..


Uncharted Waters Online!

Dude Where's My ship... Sure I parked it here....
For those familiar with the NES or SNES version! Yes it's the same developer! KOEI!!

One of my favorites, with games like romance of 3 kingdoms and such.

Oh oh also Uncharted Water 2, the PC Version New Horizons!

Ring any bell? Guess I'm old -.- those were really great games in that day... you know.. that days~ Those were the days~~ like freaking years ago... okay I am old...

Anyways! x 2

This Uncharted Water Online from the name! Yes you've guessed it smarty pants! It's a MMO!
Means now! You don't have to play alone!

So..... here's a description...

You basically.... Sail across the world~ (simple enough?)

haha ok.. so you sail the blue sea / red sea / black sea/ ok I sucks with Geography SI?

There sea battles to be fought, and Land battles! Yes you heard me no wrong! I mean heard me wrong no.... I think you heard no wrong me.... watever.

Land battles! Fight against bandits and such~ Making discoveries! Be the first to discover the Pyramids!!!( Well you won't be the first *Wink*)

Trading.. I know lots of us just love seeing the KA-Ching!!!
And with trading of course comes crafting.... well I would call it crafting.. but there's cooking, sewing.. blah blah blah too long a list to list.... And I don't do that either... hahaha

I'm more of the Pirato~

Different Nation, Different Professions,

Oh speaking bout professions, you could simply mix and match your classes / skills..

Means you could be a mean pirate, and hiding in 1 corner sewing a blankie for your cold nights out at the seven seas....'

Or you could be the Steven Segal "Hey Don't Mess With The Chef" Rendition.

Or ..... well.. Lots of options going on there since you could mix and match!

Anyways x3 !!

Remember to check it out!

I really recommend this game only to those... Whose willing to cruise... You get what I mean? Cause most of the time, your staring at the blue screen... roughly 60 - 70% of the time. and not the blue screen of death...

It's the sea~ The Ocean~ The~~ Swimming pool?

Nice graphics and all even though this game is 5 years old... Hmmm.. this P.S kinda turning out into another post... k k i'll end it here.


Just some disclaimer... If you join using the links on this blog! You became my..... kinda my recommendation. You'll get some cash shop items. and I'll get some. So...... hmmmm is that necessary to tell you? (YESH! Just in case you think I'm working for them.. Lol)