Friday, June 18, 2010

The Secrets In Keeping a Relationship Together

I'm a jerk... Seriously Jerk.

I'm not the most qualified person to give this piece of advice. But anyways.

I was out with a girl yesterday, we're talking bout relationships and stuff.
Boy and girl thingy. Whats the need, what are the wants, how to fuel the relationship to keep it moving forward.

And she told me about her life philosophy which truly gave me great insights on the meaning behind keeping a relationships together.

Where did we do it wrong?

Girls Read This
Here's what she told me
"To keep a man happy. A woman need not do what he likes. But not to do what he hates."

Now guys... Seriously guys.. out there might be nodding to that statement.
We don't really run away from a relationship we were "pushed" away... Agree?

Now girls.. I mean girls, might be cursing and swearing right now. No way! Guys are jerks they flirt and stuff. They find something they like they moved and change targets.

Now if I may ask, to girls. Have you done something which he hates?

Girl readers right now might give a shout of NOOOO Mentally. But seriously think about it....
Guys might need some free time, with their friends or buddies. Free time without you.
Now don't take that the wrong way. Without you doesn't mean he hates you, or he stopped loving you.
He just needs to be away for abit.

I mean, to get someone to drink a drink he loves or likes, he needs to be thirsty. You can't just force it down his throat.

What I've  stated above, might be one of the reasons.

There's other multiple reasons. Like... hmm let's see..
Now this might be slightly sensitive here... Anyways I'm gonna talk about it, no matter what shit, I might be stepping into a landmine field but who cares.

We guys have egos. "Okay girls stop it, I know we are egotistic creatures." Just face it, guys have egos.
From time to time, that ego needs fueling. NOT DRAINING.
Well, even if you ain't gonna feed that ego ladies, then just ignore it. Don't! DO NOT! DRAIN IT.
Don't go full blast sarcasm on his ego. You're just pushing him away.

What next.... We've covered on the free time, and ego....
Oh ya... Next is...

We LOVE TO HELP. Look at us, our buddies in trouble we'll be the first one there! To lend our support.
That just shows WE LOVE TO HELP!.

No no, this ain't bullshit.

Honestly ladies. Just try asking. We may make that face, or that big SIGH~~. But seriously we love to help.
But don't forget! Why do we help?
We are craving for that compliment you'll give us after we've done helping.

Now ladies you might say that's another bullshit. No no no no no no no X infinite.
Think... Just think back... Even when your guys went to help their buddies... At the end of the day, what do they tell you? ... No they don't tell you..

They boast to you. "Mr Y Buddy was grateful! We agreed to go golf the next day. We had a few drinks"

Well, either they boast, or they felt it. "Mr Y Buddy was really in deep shit, I had to help. No choice there."

Now ladies you might be thinking wtf does that 2 sentence mean. Let me fully elaborate. The first sentence I believe you know it's the compliment structure.

The second sentence. Man are emotional creatures. We can't let ourselves watch something in dire need of help, passes us by.

It's in our blood, we help those in need.

NOW NOW! DO NOT! Don't! Go to him and curse and swear, telling him that "help he just did" is pointless. (remember the ego thingy?)

Okay enough bout talking totally bout guys.

Now next tip / advice, is for the guys.

Guys Read This

"To keep a woman happy. A man need to do what she likes. And is allowed to do what she hates.(Just don't go to the extreme)"

Contradicting huh?

Guys, Go all out! Make a mess of the house! Have fun with your buddies!! Order pizza!! Beers!! Scream Shout!! Watching your favorite teams scoring goals in the world cup!!!

Watch you woman with grumpy faces!!! You know what she's thinking!! Who's gonna clean up this mess later!!!!

Now here comes the magic part! You do the cleaning guys!! And I'll bet ya, you'll be making love after all that cleaning.

See? Get the picture? Girls don't mind you doing things what she hates. Just do what she likes after that.

Guys think about this, when was the last time you forgot!.... Yup the big atomic bomb of relationships! You forgot! Her birthday / the anniversary / her mum's birthday / her best friends birthday / the dinner with her family. ... the list just goes on..

You're doing something she hates right? Make up to it, Make a belated birthday~ make a belated anniversary..

She might be grumpy about it. Telling you it won't work that way...
But honestly guys.... Within her, she knows you care..... It's just... that you forgot....
She doesn't really care if you forgot..... She just wants to know whether you cared.

Now... Guys you might be asking me now....
What if... We don't do what she likes, and we don't do what she doesn't likes...

Woah!! hold your horses there smarty pants....

Never Never! Do non of both.
Here's what she will think of you........ You just don't care to give a shit.

Does the word Nonchalant ring a bell? Or Stupid? Maybe Idiot?
She's hinting you you're not doing both.

Remember guys..... She loves flowers? Get it for her! Soft toy? Go grab one for her! Money? Hahaha lucky you?

Girls, they wanna do things with you... I mean... they ain't really being a bitch about it, or they don't trust you enough to give you that freedom. It's just that.... THEY WANNA BE WITH YOU.
It simply just shows that they enjoyed every moment with you.

Ah.... Do what she wants... Remember that.

Now, Guys might be thinking... Is it okay to flirt with other girls? I let you in on a secret guys...
It's okay to flirt with other girls even right in front of her eyes. Unbelievable right?
Yeah just don't forget to flirt with her after that, show the whole room, she's yours and you're hers ONLY.
(Just don't forget not to let the flirting go way to the extreme.)


So boys and girls, Ladies and Gents. Singles or Attached.
Remember the 2 philosophies?

"To keep a man happy. A woman need not do what he likes. But not to do what he hates."

"To keep a woman happy. A man need to do what she likes. And is allowed to do what she hates.(Just don't go to the extreme)"

It's simple right? And very Contradicting.

Fine Print:
This situation will be dependent from person to person, the article is written with the general in consideration. If it doesn't work for you, too bad then.


Well, I did say I was a jerk, and you might be thinking why Should YOU even take in this advice.
Just remember.

Advice from the fallen, is the greatest piece of advice you could get, to prevent you from falling.

P.s P.S

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