Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Good & Bad News Of Today

Been Busy on a new blog, 

All about music, cause I listen to a variety of music....
My "Favorite list" on youtube getting full.
And those that I posted on facebook, kept going missing after a week. (I update lots on my status lol)

The blog would be a place where I could "bookmark" and share on what I'm listening to.
Be prepared to go from the 60s to now.

Lot's of mix and match.

Even came up with a slogan for it, called.
"Place where not to let the young lost touch and the old to get in touch."
Kinda cool huh? Lol

Here's the link again

Hope to get your support! 
hmm.. is a PR2 on google, kinda amazed... Well not quite.
It's been up for years now.. hahaha

Well well..... no worries, there's still a whole lot of WTF going on in my mind.
Just...... wanna slide down for a bit, chillax for a while~
Get some music running in the head..

Just received a sad news....
My one only place of haven......... onemanga
is going to be down in a weeks time....
"Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it." 

That's what I saw, when I was browsing there today....
It's going to be their last week, letting readers finish up on what they're reading..

Sad... truly sad...
Though I'm mainly a "leecher" there, 
haha with no contribution...

Truly, really, honestly, specially. Must say my thanks to the contributors there..

The mangas truly made my day, especially on these rainy seasons....



The good, and the bad news of today........

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