Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Noblesse - Manga / Manhwa Review

Haven't done a manga review for quite some time.....

And why I felt like doing it now?

Hmmm.. Onemanga was down.. so kinda no idea where to go to read manga... but.... but..

There are loads of manga websites out there..... k enuff with the introduction~~

This manga, is a Korean base manga...  Do I call it Korean based? or Korean drawn?

ok.. It's about.... Vampires.. well nearly there... about vampires...

It started out as comedic... truly humorous...

K.... my introduction sucks...


1 day this guy woke up after sleeping for 820 years. With no knowledge of technology and whatever science that we are having now..

So he just followed a bunch of kids to school, only to find out that the principal of that school was once a servant of his.

The comedic part was, him trying to get use to this new generation mumbo jumbo.. even down to opening door locks....

But as the story goes along, be prepared for great actions where an organization is creating mutants of sorts.. .. . .



Ya, ladies, if u love hunky dory cute looking guys~ this manga is also for you..

Oh btw, BY THE WAY.....

the concept of this manga is slightly different...

Be prepared for FULL COLORS on EVERY PAGE

and.................. scroll down.... lots of scrolling down.. I think they call this a web comic or something..

So remember to scroll down to RIGHT at the BOTTOM of every page. or else you might miss something.

Link here


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  1. I love Noblesse, it is really good!!!