Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Harmony World Starts With Words.

Now this kinda set me thinking... Well we talk about racist, feminist, colors, faith, backgrounds, blah blah blah we wanna set it straight. With a no difference no shit no barrier kind of life.... Am I right?

So........ I think the best way is to start by.... declaring our words... What I mean is, remove the 'vulgars'

Why the hell are we isolating words? their meaning? heck... You could substitute those vulgars with a gazillion other words but are the other gazillion other words vulgarities? No They ain't

So....... Mix em up, no barrier no shit.. Vulgars into our normal vocabulary..
If There is no 'vulgars' but mere words Who would find them offensive?

It is because We isolate them And label them as Vulgars Thats why we find them offensive.... <---- AND THAT is one of the reason that affects the way people think and create that whole labeling and isolating mentaility...

So.... To create harmony... think we should start simple... break the barrier of our 'words' and it all would start there.... as a beginning...

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