Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm In Shape!!!!

Well my Girlfriend is always saying.... "You're too fat!!!!"
and stuffs like.. "I like to pinch your fats!!!!"
maybe, "You are ROUND!!!"
or "Please Get in SHAPE!!!!"

And she even calls me "FATTY PIG!!!"

Well if you don't know her... You might think she's in this against fat agenda or something.....

Anyway... Just wanna tell her... "I'm IN SHAPE!!!!!! ROUND IS A SHAPE!!!!!!"

Don't jealous please..... please.. for all those that are reading.....
The current new in is.... "Get in shape, Get Round."

The in Between 1 & 2

We all roughly know.. or maybe some of us really knows about car capacity.. .fuel capacity... you know.. those kind of things where u stuff some other things in another thing.... called capacity...

Well... I don't know much about car capacity... but..
But... but... I hate my maggi / instant noodle capacity.
Now you might be wondering... WHAT THE F am I talking about.

Everybody has had instant noodles before right?
I love instant noodles, curry flavor, tomyam, asamlaksa, fried instant noodles, prawn, chicken.... Well.. I think they do have the  whole world's cuisine on the menu..

What I hate is... The in between 1 & 2 ....
The capacity...

Now here's another WTF you talking about.....

I can never be full with 1 packet of instant noodle.... and 2 packets makes me bloated.....
It's like...... if I'm eating alone... I'll be wasting... cause I never like the feeling of a half empty I would always ending up cooking 2 packets.

Have you ever had that kind of dilemma?

Sleepless 3 am.

Somethings wrong with my bio clock.... Could only sleep in blocks of 3 hours...
And I can't prioritize night for sleep anymore..

Ah.... I wish I knew what's really going on in my head..
Kinda like a war zone in there... Landmines everywhere.. Hearing air raids once in a while.. Seeing bullets zooming past me...

Omg... Not even sure if I'm sane anymore..

You ever get that feeling... where you argue with what you're thinking? Kinda like the heart and the mind are 2 entities altogether.

..Sometimes we all just wish life is as easy as walking down a path... But it always ends up having us walking all over the place looking for a path...
Only the strong build their own path...
Guess I'm weak...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Partner Is Sad.. So Am I. WAahAHaHA

#PLS: Awwww come on peeps~ Don't let me torture my brother anymore~ LOL.
Don't be shy come on~ email me a few heads all for the sake of the laughter of humanity~

Added a new music playlist at the footer. No sing along No KTV, just some music I've made using some mixers enjoy~

Monday, April 26, 2010

Anyone Willing To Give Me A Free Head?

For all those under 18............


I'm not looking for under 18s or what.... so chillax~

What I'm looking for... is.. a PICTURE.. of a head.. not that head! Please.. above 18s.. don't get the wrong idea...

I'm looking for a picture of a head.. with ample spacing above it to write some thoughts...
You know.. to make things more interesting.. I guess people do get bored easily with only 2 pictures ruling the whole blog..

BUT before you email me the picture.. There's a few terms and conditions I should make clear..

1. Pictures should be allowed to be use by
2. You should own that picture (Don't send in some other person's picture please)
3. Be prepared for major SARCASM on the picture of YOU

SO! If you're interested in giving me a head!
Do mail it to me in a JPEG format to
With the title in caps HERE'S MY HEAD.

And do include a link, if you want me to link it somewhere. I shall post the link at the end of the joke as a contribution to your blog or website.


Chickens and Roads.... Who Started It All?

AmenWolf: ONE!!!!!!

AW: saving space.... Blogger has a limit to how much pictures I'm allowed to put in... Read it somewhere..


AW: ...... ya I got lazy to fill in the blanks for you....

MB: You're hopeless.....

AW: Well you started being long winded...

AW: I can't foresee any punchline anymore.

#Punch Line Spoiler. P L S
Well... not really a punch line spoiler here... but.. I'm gonna include this segment after jokes from now on.... Cause there's quite a few of us out there who.... can't really understand jokes... They might take days or weeks... or even months... till one day... they might be walking down the street... and saw something.....  THEN!  you might catch them smiling......
In their mind might be.... "OH!!! so that's what it means!!"

Every joke blog has a chicken cross the street joke.... don't they? Mine's lame. Lame chicken.