Monday, April 26, 2010

Anyone Willing To Give Me A Free Head?

For all those under 18............


I'm not looking for under 18s or what.... so chillax~

What I'm looking for... is.. a PICTURE.. of a head.. not that head! Please.. above 18s.. don't get the wrong idea...

I'm looking for a picture of a head.. with ample spacing above it to write some thoughts...
You know.. to make things more interesting.. I guess people do get bored easily with only 2 pictures ruling the whole blog..

BUT before you email me the picture.. There's a few terms and conditions I should make clear..

1. Pictures should be allowed to be use by
2. You should own that picture (Don't send in some other person's picture please)
3. Be prepared for major SARCASM on the picture of YOU

SO! If you're interested in giving me a head!
Do mail it to me in a JPEG format to
With the title in caps HERE'S MY HEAD.

And do include a link, if you want me to link it somewhere. I shall post the link at the end of the joke as a contribution to your blog or website.