Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When You Felt Like You Don't Like Your Character... Blame It On Your Blood Type

 Blood Type Jokes

Blame it On Your Blood Type
Found these on facebook, and a couple of emails... It might be old... but still does a good job kicking in a few laughs..

Hmmm toooooo much to share. Will be doing a forthourly updates~ .. forthourly... hmmm wooo.....
2 hours update!!!! Check in at 3 pm (Gmt + 8) For MORE 'A' Blood Type Jokes!

Here's the list to all the Blood Jokes we currently have! More to come though!


  1. Lol.. more to come later. hahahaha

  2. haih...AB? genius...? why la me so-so maaaa..haha...

  3. LOL!
    Do peep into the book: LIVE RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE with knowledge of 4 blood types & 4 programmes for a Healthy Life.
    You'll understand why there are some food you just hate to eat!

  4. lion Girl: hmmm....... the only food i hate are mostly fruits -.-

  5. haha.. din noe blood tyoe could affect genes too

  6. Hahaha Krisitin: maybe we still need to take into consideration of our horoscope, and the zodiac.. the 18 characters~.. so much more I think.... the way we were nurtured too..

    hehe that's what that makes each and everyone of us unique.

    P.S There more of these comic strips to come, Just didnt have time to post now.. Do keep a look out for it

  7. i'm true heheheh