Friday, July 1, 2011

Eden Eternal: Heroic Traits, Primary and Secondary Skills.

Since I'm waiting for some 'work' stuff... Guess I might just as well start on the 2nd Phase of Eden Eternal Introduction.

Before that... Here's a piece of advice from a fellow gamer...
"Never read an orthodox player's guide, if you do not understand the mechanism of the game. Cause you would only end up noober"

And I am one of those player... and here I'm trying to write a semi guide... no I'm not one of those 'noober'..

Eden Eternal: The Fickle Minded Game

Yosh wassup people of the world!

Amenwolf reporting here once again! With a game review! You can just never get enuff of games do you?

Today we're gonna take a look at a new mmorpg, F2P that's Free 2 Play!

1 thing before we start this review is... I'm gonna start asking a few Questions...

Ever had that moment... in game... where you always thought....
"Hey it would be great to play that other class" or
"My Class Sucks" or
"I would surely be a better tank / healer than that guy"

And.. well you're already nearly towards max level.. and to start leveling a whole new character is just toooooooo bothersome...

Drumroll please...

*ratatatatata* kinda feels like.... nvm

Looks good huh? well quite cartoonish....

Well 1 thing I compliment about this game, is of course as I've mention... the ability to switch classes... You could play warrior this minute, and a mage the other..

And of course, with... (I'm counting right now) if my maths didn't fail me, that will be 15 classes in all. And some are still unavailable due to the current level cap. (1st July 2011) [don't come and tell me its a lie, if it's implemented after the DATE STATED. cause you might just be a slowpoke... in getting here... get what I mean? hehehehe.. ok watever.]

The sites here
No special recommendation award for that.. so I'll be linking towards their homepage.

The game, well is cartoon... but it's still good, there was a time we fell in love with maple story and dragonica... why? Why? WHY?!
1 thing is, this game has a great concept of guild / class development / quests / crafting.

Hmmm what else.... ?

Oh ya,

Guild, there's guild town. Means a town dedicated for your guild, but this requires a whole lot of dedication from your members... And when I mean dedicated....lots of guild quest ...
Guild town means...., you guys are handling the blueprints.. theArchitecture... well... wait let me find a video.

(Why i don't make my own videos? Lazy..)

Now...  You might be wondering... multiple classes? What about skills and equipment...?

Tell ya what... I'll do a more detail intro in the next update...

Drop comments below if you're interested in the next post, and I'll do the update quicker / faster / than lightning / than flash / or pikachu!