Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Milo WTF Do u think u are thinking?

Just a piece of... WTF DO U THINK U ARE THINKING?!?

This goes out especially to Milo.... ya the drink...

So I bought these.. Milo sachets... ya know the small pack.. 1 pack 1 cup kinda thing.. ya..

Milo Fuze....ok... not making an advert for them or something.. Just wanna mention...

WTF DO U THINK U ARE THINKING?!?!? By placing the "Tear it here" At the top of the sachet?

It should be by the side.... u know? By the side.... Then u tear it across... less mess / no mess... Easier to fit the sachet into ur cup.. pour all the contents in.... u get the picture?

By putting the "Tear it here" on top..... WTF!? Ur tearing from top to bottom..... that's a freaking huge distance there... I can't fit that hole into my glass!! And even if I only teared a half off...... It's so damn freaking irritating to get the contents out!!!!

So.... Please... Don't reinvent the wheel.... Unless ur thinking to put hydro blasting no wheel turning kinda concept thingy!!!....

Stick to the old convenient + cy

Thank u for reading the rant.... Well If you're from Milo that is...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tribute: National Service Songs

Well... not what they teach at National Service .... But more of the song we go crazy shouting at the top of our lungs or humming in the rain when we're bored.

Well.. What's yours?