Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beautiful you.

Beautiful you.

"It’s not a beautiful face that i seek, but the beautiful moments that i desire."
This world felt fake, in a way or another.

There are those who wish, who dream, hope, pray…
Why wish, when you are only dreaming of it.

Hopes are always placed upon someone, when in a situation you think you are not able to do it…
Why pray, a faithless pray.

Someone once told me. "Live for nothing, die for something."
A single line with multiple meanings. To me it meant more like a saying for a sacrificial lamb. Or to make it sound nicer, a hero who dies at the end of the story.
or, "Live for something, die for nothing."
More like a man who knows when he is going to die, trying to fufill all his regrets.

So many meanings to a few simple verse, "cup is half empty, cup is half full."
Heh, the twist and turns of life.

What is the one thing, that keeps us alive… Our heart? mind? soul?
Who knows… one couldn’t be without the other.
so, there is never a ‘one’ thing that kept us alive?

So many things around us, that affect us. In more than a way or another.

I love eating ice cream, tubs and tubs of it. The bitter taste of the chocolate, the freezing numb feeling in your mouth and lastly, the sweet after taste.

My vision getting pretty bad recently… It’s a good thing in a way…
Cause I’ve been seeing things in a … really funny and peculiar way.

I’ve started noticing the people around me more and more. Not by the features on their face, but the way their body reacts.

A totally blurred vision, granted me the vision to see even the slightest actions your body is saying…
And the weirdest part is… There are so many twins, triplets,… out there.

So many people having that same way of walking, same way of moving, same way of motion. It’s like… humans are being catagorise…. into groups…

I see so many people from my past, all in the shadows of another… Makes me wonder if they are one and the same person that I once knew… makes me wonder… are they all the same…

Memories… Just like tubs of ice cream… they gave you that bitter feeling, makes you numb… and soon enough you start smiling to yourself, with a sweet after taste wondering why did that happen.

Just remember this…
Beautiful faces, will be forgotten. Friendly faces, will disappear.
Smiling faces, will frown. Warmth faces, will become numb.
Empty spaces, will be filled. Empty seats, will be taken.
The only thing that will be remembered, is the moment.
Be it sweet, sour, salty or bitter. It’s not the mind that remembers…
But the whole body as a whole, will remember.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 January

Been limping around the house for the past 2 or 3 days...

Ah.... the unbearable pain... all I could do was just to either sit.. or lie down to rest my ass off..

well not the ass that's feeling the pain though.... just couldn't stand straight..
stomach down..... filled with cramp... or pain.... arr the agony....
when will this heal...