Friday, July 1, 2011

Eden Eternal: Heroic Traits, Primary and Secondary Skills.

Since I'm waiting for some 'work' stuff... Guess I might just as well start on the 2nd Phase of Eden Eternal Introduction.

Before that... Here's a piece of advice from a fellow gamer...
"Never read an orthodox player's guide, if you do not understand the mechanism of the game. Cause you would only end up noober"

And I am one of those player... and here I'm trying to write a semi guide... no I'm not one of those 'noober'..

OrTHODOX la Dey!!! .... sheesh....  I don't cut cookies. Get what I mean? ....(I have a feeling soon this blog gonna be filled with phrases nobody understands a shit..)

K whatever, back to our topic.

Firstly, when ur creating ur character.
You're allowed to pick Heroic Traits
These are Unchangeable, and will be stuck with you throughout the game.
There's a total of 8 Heroic Traits for you to pick
Leadership: HP & MP + 12%

Guardian: DEF + 10% Elem Resist + 5%

Apostle: Int + 10% M-Attk + 5%

Commando: Str + 10% P-Attk + 5%
Sanctum: Wis + 15% G-Healing + 5%
Maverick: Agi + 10% Attk Spd + 5%
Adventurer: Lck +10% Crit Dmg + 10%
CrackShot: Lck + 10% M-Crit Dmg + 10%
Now what this does or mean is... Even though you could switch classes, you need to pick a trait that's complementing your class, that is your "Permanent" Class that you feel you would be playing all the time.

Ok simple?  Let's move on to the next topic then.

There's a total of 5 Main branch of Classes. (I can't think of any other words to use, so let's just call them Main branch)

With each main branch, there's 3 Sub classes.
The secondary skills are shared within the 3 sub classes.

Secondary Skills
And the primary skills is solely for the class that you are currently using.
Primary Skills

Now... Remember this, skills learnt are non refundable...
Secondary skills are learnt with Gold (currency in game)
And primary skills are learnt with Class points, ( Every time u level u gain class points. And these are limited. So spend them wisely.)

So Class points are limited, you need to know what primary skills is useful before u start spamming all ur class points. whereas for secondary skills, which is learnt with Gold, well it's up to u on how u wanna spend on that.

Oh works here!,

I'll update more on the next update. (woo it rhymes... oh wait.. its the same word.. that doesn't count)

For the download link click here

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