Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 Fingers and it's Ideology

The world is based on these 5 simple statements

  • nobody knows what to do, without being told.
  • doing what you're not being told and doing it wrong
  • Getting all petty when you're being told what to do.
  • doing what you're not being told and doing it right
  • doing without needing anyone to know.

And this will lead to.... misunderstanding, miscommunications... Which will lead to.. the higher end of the scale, towards war, hate....etc.

These 5 statement, forms the simple ideology of Predator and Prey, Hunter and The Hunted, Master and Slave.

The small guy and the big guy, Winners or losers..

The 5 statements were placed in order of the fingers on our hands starting from the pinky.

Let's start with the thumb.

Doing without needing anyone to know.
The thumb is placed on its own, even has it's own name.. "thumb'. The hermit. It does what it does, without needing anyone to know about it. It works best with anybody.. without knowing what it is made to do. It is just there to compliment.. And a good compliment it does.

Doing what you're not being told and doing it right
The index finger... The first to points.... The first in any situation... Without being told it is always at the front lines. Be it tapping, clicking, pointing.... It always in.. the sense of right... no matter what it does..

Getting all petty when you're being told what to do.
The middle finger... The tallest... Being the tallest... it has a certain pride to it... It hates being told what to do.. Always the first to voice out in a vulgar manner due to its pettyness...

Doing what you're not being told and doing it wrong
The ring finger..... Why isit doing it all wrong? Ever tried pointing with the ring finger? All the other fingers takes cover... Rushing in to cover up the catastrophe the ring finger caused... just by pointing...

Nobody knows what to do, without being told.
The pinky..... It only knows what to do.. when being told... it knows when to point.. when it is being told to do so...
When all the other fingers are in place... That's where it get's its signal...

Group them up... And you'll notice...
The one that's always right (index), can never go with the one that's always wrong(ring)

The one that's always petty(middle), could never follow the one that's waiting for orders(pinky) Neither does the one that's always right (index)

Middle, Ring, Pinky, always go together... Since they have an aura of pessimist with them.... If u add in the index.. it becomes a group... quite well mixed...

The thumb, goes almost anywhere... it even fits in the role of peacemaker.... solving every awkward situation the others might have.

Why is the world based on these 5 statements?

Look around....everyone fits in a nice category somewhere within the 5....

This is just to simplify things.... from a perspective...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dental Care For Your Child

Dental care for your child starts as soon as the first tooth appears.
A small child doesn't understand the importance of dental health.
You can help your children in understanding the importance of carrying out healthy habits.

Start by following these simple guidelines.
  1. Brushing their teeth twice a day,
  2. Teaching them proper methods of brushing.
  3. Giving your child sugar free snacks and drinks.
  4. Teaching them good eating habits to get the proper nutrients.
  5. Taking your child on a regular dental check up.
Make dental care enjoyable for them, after all they are only children.
Get them their favorite cartoon characters dental products, these products should be readily available in your nearest convenience store.
These days in a fast moving life where everyone is so busy. It's good to at least take the time to accompany your child and guide them along with their dental care.

It is extremely important that you understand the basics of children’s dental and oral care.
At this age of dental care you are laying out the fundamentals for a strong dental care for their future.

It is important that the children’s brush their teeth twice daily. Help brush your child's teeth till they are big enough to do so. Brush your child’s teeth the right way. Select a small and a soft brush and as little tooth paste as possible as it will not interfere in your brushing and it will not form much foam also.

Developing good dental habits is important at an early age but it is equally important to break the bad habits.
Going to bed with a bottle is extremely bad practice, drinking fluid with sugar in it.
Sugar substances react on the teeth throughout the whole night and these can cause the tooth decay at a young age.

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