Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wtf is this...

YOsh! !

Haven't done this for a while... hmmm last post Sept 15... damn.. im just such a sucky lazy blogger.

Let's just cut this short..... (NO!!!! I wanna write longer!!!! ((inner voice)) )

-2mins gone by-

What was I gonna type......?


Anyone checked out the last manga that I recommended? Damn good, here's the link

Ok anyways!!!!!!

I'm just gonna bullet my way through here.... So.... read as fast as you can!! Cause..... This post ain't going anywhere!!... hmm... k that doesn't make any sense.

Been busy for the past... 1 month, offline and online.

My First attempt at an online business / marketing; The Cheap Travel Deal
It's a traveling directory. Where you could Compare Airline Prices and Hotels accommodations.
Do support hor! =x

And here's the Facebook fanpage Please like it~ =x

K enough bout the serious stuff.. (I wonder which part is serious though..)

hmmm... blog blog blog..... what am I suppose to write again.....

omg... got distracted for a whole 1 hr watching Naruto -.-

I get distracted way toooooo easily....

Anyone have any idea on how to improve my sense of focus? Care to share?

And here's! Another one of those!!! Long post gone short -.-

Ciaos~ Chat later.. or blog later.