Friday, February 26, 2010

March Madness BEE EYE ENN GEE OH!!!

March is Coming! Guess What?! March Madness!!!!!!!

Most of us should be familiar with the game Bingo?  Be the first to get the words BINGO either horizontally, vertically or even diagonally on your card and you WIN!!

Now I am a game fanatic! I love games. Game brings you to another realm.
What I wanna mention is this creative Bingo website
They fused together the excitement of Bingo and March Madness together. Amazing I must say.

Now imagine... your opponent did a double dribble, your team got a free throw it was an air ball!!! You caught the rebound!!! And you did a DUNK!!!!! AND BINGO!!!!!!!
 (Got blur with what I'm saying? Look at G column vertically downwards. Fantasize your Bingo games!)

Wow... That totally brings Bingo totally to a new level. 

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Attractive prizes to be won!! Don't we just love that!!
SO!!  Are you excited about March Madness? Can't wait to fill out the brackets and pick you winning teams?! Get a head start with some basketball fun. Watch the games and follow along with Basketball bingo cards. Pick your team, grab your buddies and choose words such as rebound and missed free throw and get the competition and betting started early.

So why wait? Get your free bingo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


People of old uses maps to find their destination.. People of now uses GPS to find their location...
Are we more lost somehow?